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Посетите новый сайт по разработке прошивки, встроенного программного обеспечения и мобильных приложений — NOMADTECH



Areas of focus

Zeroing in on specific customer segments helps us to concentrate effort and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Supercharging solo entrepreneurs

Working «solo» is possible only if you’re working «together». Effective delegation and right partnership drive your success. Nomadtech expertise in firmware and embedded software development powers the techie part of your business.

Helping small companies grow

Often launching a new product calls for expertise your company is missing. In this event, Nomadtech experience allows you to fill the gap in your product or oursource its part on a long term basis.


Each project is carried forward through understandable steps: requirement analysis and creating specification, implementation through short iterative cycles and testing. You are always aware of milestones and timeline.

A small and focused team provide unparalleled quaility in every detail. Every client gets 40 day guarantee after final acceptance tests.

Who we are?

We’re eight technological enthusiasts with 60 years of total experience in schematic design, 20 years in microcontroller and embedded software programming and 9 years in mobile and backend programming. During the last 10 years we have been engaged in GNSS-technologies and put on the market five pieces of hardware and one cloud application.

In 2016 we’ve hived off our R&D department into a subsidiary company — Nomadtech.

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